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Plastics Case Manufacture and Quality

Injection production

We imported advanced injection equipment from Germany, Japan and other countries, such as NISSEI GTR, YOFC SUB, DEMAG, ZHENXIONG, HAITIAN injection machines more than 100 sets and so on, the clamping force of injection machines from 90 tons to 280 tons, the actual injection volume of injection machines from 0.5 g to 300 g, even suitable for the minimum thickness of 0.3mm products to inject, and can meet the requirement of complex high precision molding.

Painting production

We have the constant temperature workshop with purification capacity of 3000 grade, 3 automatic lines for three coating and three baking, two coating and two baking , using  GRACO high quality spray system of USA and PRTMAR high energy UV light equipment of British, and can meet all kinds of painting need.

Three automatic spraying lines are 187m, 224m, 355m in length, each spraying line can reach 9000 /H capacity.

Product quality: product adhesion force, gloss, hardness, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, boiling, environmental testing and pain thickness can meet the leading level in the industry. 

Assembly production

          Carefulness, attention, notice

High standard anti-static and dust-free workshop, mature assembly process, and all kinds of advanced assembly equipment (automatic hot melt machine, automatic screw machine, laser engraving machine, ultrasonic welding machine, etc.) to meet customer needs. The average daily capacity of eighteen automatic lines reached 25W parts.

Quality control 

      Strict control, quality firstly
      Quality staff of mold control the whole process of molds from beginning to end according to strict review, fine processing, comprehensive detection principle, and guarantee each part, each step well by sophisticated detection equipment, continuously improve the mold a pass rate, to get the customers’ satisfaction, also to guarantee future products.
       To standardize the quality inspection criteria for each production step based on final project requirement, establish the principles of quality prevention and quality solution from the source, eliminate the potential quality risk, so that the quality of products meet or exceed customer needs; at the same time, to adopt with highly sophisticated experimental equipment and testing equipment, to ensure the products of high quality. 

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